Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Techmaster P.E.B. - Bassgasm (1994) CD Newtown Music Group

And now for something completely different. In the 1990's, a few of my skating buddies had very nice systems in their cars and car audio bass was the shit. I mean, you could listen to The Misfits or Minor Threat (which we did anyway) but you weren't really getting the full effect of your 2 12" system with anything but bass CD's.

Now, being a HUGE fan of 1980's electro, the car audio bass and Miami bass genres totally appeal to me as they are the evolution of that sound. Early Miami bass masters like Dynamix II and Maggotron, Maggozulu Too, DXJ (all James Mc Cauley projects) and MC A.D.E. all took that sound and drove it forward while really trying to retain its roots, using a lot of the same samples and sounds, but pushing the bass side of things more and more until car audio bass was born.

Car audio bass is pretty much what it sounds like - super bass heavy albums with minimal other effects or beats. It's more sine waves for the bass than TR-808 or 909 beats and designed in part to test the limits of your stereo and certainly make your car thump very loudly.

There were quite a few practitioners who didn't add much real music to the bass tracks, but a select few who did - and ended up crafting some fantastic, minimalist, atmospheric electro albums in the process. Chief among these was Techmaster P.E.B.

This is his third record and one of my favorite chilling records of all time. Its laid back for the most part and laden with beautiful synthisizer riffs and effects, kind of like existing in the world of Tron and taking a lesurely drive to the MCP.

Techmaster is still going today and still releasing albums with the same feel and heavy chill vibe. Check out his catalog at

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